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Spiral Fracture

Biography 2023


Out of the darkness and ever expanding genres of music comes  the standard of all that is to come. Spiral Fracture reaches into the musical past and modern tonalities by injecting hard hitting drums, intertwining melodies with soul jarring bass hits. The foundation is then elevated with an alto vocal range that solidifies the band to a progressive metal standard.


Based on the fibonacci spiral formula that is reoccurring in nature, the band exploits the human element of disarray that fractures and goes against the grand design. Spiral Fracture pulls influences from Prog, Rock, Death, Black, and power metal. The band fuses raw primal emotion with cold, calculated tactile infrastructure that blurs the genre lines and shapes the melodic, integral spiral that is Spiral Fracture. The name and the music are designed to pull you away from the norm and bring the listener in and experience a new way of understanding the world around us. Our fractured society is blind to each other's point of view and our music and lyrics are meant to connect us in a way that can unite our fractured society. 


Their self-titled release has an array of songs that truly highlight each member's talents and again reinvents the order of music as a whole. Doug Nunnally with ‘The Auricular’, an online publication, describes Spiral Fracture’s video and music. “The video, directed by Brendan McGlathery, showcases the band in their pummeling, virtuosic glory while also portraying the inner duality of the lyrics. Between a rotating live view of the band’s performance, we see singer Javier Ramos wrestle with haunting visions before tackling them head-on in the climax.”


Lead and rhythm guitar player, David Givens, gives the listener an array  of  melodic and atmospheric riffs that are truly unique. His music education in his early life defined his expansive language of theory. This allows him to explore the difficult progressive riffs that so enchants the audience with.


Brian Fisher who has taken up the mantle of playing drums has a long and extensive career in Richmond, Virginia. His style is unmistakable and cannot be found until you start looking at legends in the field. He is known for his very particular way of playing drums. He is known for flipping his drums in the opposite direction which allows the audience to truly feel and hear a clearer sound.


Bass guitarists are so often overlooked but there is no way to avoid the style that Brian Tanner brings to the table. His approach lends a highly dynamic feel that Fisher’s drum playing captures and enhances the bass sound.  We hear plenty of dynamic movement within the lines that he lays down with complex rhythmic hits that just blow your mind. 


Spiral Fracture’s long tradition of prog metal has been solidified  and now has added a rock feel with the addition of lead vocalist, Javier Ramos. His vocal range tends to soften those sharp sounds that he eloquently maneuvers over. As a classically trained jazz musician he can find his way in and out of any cadence the music can offer. We can hear a new vocal approach from him that gives the band a unique sound. The rock vocal aspect redefines what is possible for metal bands as a whole bringing back long standing traditions of writing that seemed to fade away into heavy screaming genres of metal. Directly singing to an audience delivers a more subtle approach and removes deep anger and aggression that metal genres tend to deliver. 


The band's sound is commanding with thunderous landscapes, inspired bass lines added with elevated vocals. There is nothing better than seeing the band live to really see the light within the darkness and the aura of positive energy. They strive to capture the audience and bring them in close to what is already a close knit family. The family has now been added to Extreme Management Group’s artist roster, and the band is excited to see what the future holds in store.


Our fractured society (our fractured children) is what Spiral Fracture wants to amend. We want to leave our listeners with a new sense of purpose and that our music will give one listener at a time a redefined look at our world that so desperately seeks guidance. Our mission is to unite the masses with music by blurring genres and leaving the listener with a sense of a completed journey. “Music is moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” - Plato

EMG Management

Spiral Fracture is currently managed by Scott Eames (Senior Artist Manager) of Extreme Management Group. Our management's mission is to provide the highest level of integrity and service in the music field with unmatched experience. If you would like to book or inquire more about Spiral Fracture, please contact our management at the email listed below.

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The Band


Javier Ramos



Brian Fisher



Dave Givens

Lead Guitar

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Brian Tanner

Bass Guitar

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