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Band Bio

Spiral Fracture is an American Extreme-Progressive Metal band from Richmond, Virginia. Their current line-up consists of vocalist Javier Ramos, drummer Brian Fisher, guitarist Dave Givens, and bassist Brian Tanner. The band delivers complex, distorted guitar riffs, poly-metered drum patterns, slapping bass, and melodic metal vocals. 

The band performed at the '2012 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival', performing alongside bands such as: Anthrax, Whitechapel, Motorhead, Slayer, and Slipknot. Spiral Fracture received positive reviews and widespread recognition during the festival.


Spiral Fracture released their first studio album entitled 'The Site of Suffering' in 2013 with their second album 'Dismantled' soon released in 2017. The band continues to record and perform live throughout Richmond, Virginia as well as the east coast. 

The band was signed to Indoor Suns Records in January 2019. Spiral Fracture has been hard at work recording a collection of 'singles' for their upcoming album. These songs can be heard on various music platforms throughout the internet community.

Spiral Fracture can also be seen during a cameo appearance for the movie 'My Autopsy' which features their song 'Sagittarius A Star'. The film is a romantic thriller with the local music scene as the film's backdrop. 'My Autopsy' has won several prestigious awards by the GenreBlast Film Fest and FILMmakers Festivals in 2020.




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